How to Downgrade iOS 5 Beta to 4.3.3


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Perhaps you have iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. However, it’s a beta version and may have some minor issues. Maybe you just want to jailbreak your device. Either way, the point is that you want to downgrade the software. Know that this works with any device on iOS 5, but you will not be able to recover your old baseband.

There are two methods. The first one worked for us, and took less steps.


1) We found that the easiest thing to do is to simply locate our older iOS 4.3.3 firmware. If it’s not on your computer, you can always find it with an IPSW downloader, which will help you find a specific firmware.

2) Launch iTunes

3) Now, you can restore with Option + Restore (Mac) or Alt + Restore (PC). Point iTunes to your iOS 4.3.3 firmware and say okay.

4) Let iTunes restore your device to iOS 4.3.3, and you are set.



This is the method that several sites have been recommending. While it seems to work for some, it didn’t work for us.

Things you need:

– iTunes 10.3 (Here’s how to downgrade to iTunes 10.3)

– Your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on iOS 5 beta

– Your computer



1) Plug your device into the computer via USB and enter DFU mode. The video below helps you do it.

2) iTunes will find your device in recovery mode.

3) Click on Restore. So long as you are using iTunes 10.3, it will go to firmware 4.3.3 (Which is the latest firmware available for users on 10.3).

4) You will get a window asking you if you are sure you want to restore to factory settings. Click on “Restore and Update”

5) You may receive error (1). This is the recovery mode loop error. Use tiny-umbrella to get your device out of recovery mode.

6) Once the restore finishes, you should be back on iOS 4.3.3.

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