How To Organize Summer Travel Using Your iPad

Summer is just round the corner with vacation fever filled in the air, specially for the kids who have spent the whole year studying. Many of you might have already planned on how to spend this year’s vacations, for those looking forward on planning one and you need your new iPad to assist you, you sure are in luck as the shiny gadget would help you out with your travel plans.

Ever since the launch of the Apple iPad, the iDevice has appealed to a massive audience with the bulk of its profit based on apps that it features, letting users make full use of it. For all you iPad owners, we roll up a great new plan for you to take advantage when thinking about summer travel. The iPad is surely your travel companion, keeping you glued and helping you out when discovering new places, finding restaurants, searching the best travel-fare, etc.

For now, all those looking forward to travel this year, we have compiled a program to assist you in almost all your travel needs. As we know, making travel arrangements is not easy or fun specially when you have kids to travel with.

To ease things I decided to use my iPad to help me make travel arrangements on almost all categories. Let’s start with an app which helps you figure out on your flight plans.

Kayakis surely one of the best app to help you on almost everything including flights, hotels, shopping experience and much more. Equipped with an interactive User Interface, Kayak can help you find flights while on the go. The free app lets you pick your destination, in return delivering you searches from major airlines with available times. Furthermore, it displays one of the best airfares and link to actually book the flight. Kayak is more like an explorer as it also helps you find hotels, bars, shopping destinations. Plan a complete trip with the app helping you decide which trip you might be able to afford with a given budget.

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Once you are done with the booking related to flight, you might want to have an app that can help you manage your flight itinerary. The Expedia TripAssist will help you manage your trip, almost any trip. View and update your travel plans while on the move. The app does all this for FREE, delivering real-time SMS and email flight updates. Status alerts are free even if you haven’t booked via Expedia including SMS and email updates from TripAssist free of charge. Furthermore, the app keeps an update on your plans with the FLIP feature to indicate what’s next or where you need to be.

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Packing stuff before you leave, might be one of the most tiresome and sometimes mis-calculated activity. A recently updated app, Get Packing helps you complete your guess work. Tagged with a small fee, the $1.99 app is pretty interesting and what I term as “most needed”. Pick from a long list of items, enter the number of days for your trip and in return it calculates how much of what you should take along. Moreover, the app calculates the quantity of clothes, time worn between laundry days, types of colors to be taken along, and much more in a single category list to help you not miss on a single thing.

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Let’s progress and we might want to think that you have already reached the destination. The first thing you might want to be aware of is the Currency, if you are travelling to a foreign country. XE Currency makes this process easier delivering you real-time rates on almost 180 currencies to support from. This free of cost app is a must while travelling abroad.

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Got your money converted, you would probably want to know how to get around. In the early days, travellers usually flocked at the airport or hotel kiosks on picking maps of the city. But nowadays we have technology and with the help of GPS and WiFi, finding your way around is made easier. Street Map for iPad is a free to download transport map which makes it easy to view large transport maps on your iPad. Support for street maps of hundreds of cities around the world. The app indicate where you are and when search is activated for where you want to go, it will show you how to get there.

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“Oh my God, Why don’t they understand what I have to say?” Probably one of the toughest, learning a language to keep you interacting with the locals while abroad. This great Translation app has got you covered here too. For just $14.99, it translates from one language to another using sound. This way you can learn before you speak.

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Can’t decide what and where to eat? This smart app, specifically designed for the iPad called Urbanspoon would help you show all the restaurants in your city. We guarantee that you have never seen an app like this. Explore thousands of restuarants, zoom into your neighborhood on the map, filter neighborhood by cuisine or price, offline access, compare restuarant picks with your friends as well as ratings and review from newspapers, bloggers and fellow eaters.

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