“iCloud Is The Bigger Version Of iTunes”

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A lot of bloggers, tech analysts, gadget lovers, actually people from all parts of life seem to be thinking about the soon to be released, iOS 5 and iCloud. I really got inspired from this guy who wrote a totally different view on the two at the same time terming it a total mystery.

iCloud and iOS 5 have been kept under the hood for long time now, more like well-kept secrets, by Apple. Whereas I think iOS 5 would surely be a class of its own, iCloud is what I am really excited about.

While little is known about the iOS 5, iCloud seems to be more leaked, details wise. Whereas most of you might think of iCloud as a music service, you might need to correct yourself. It does has a lot to do music but storage wise, not a record playing service to be introduced for iDevice owners.

The italicized sentence below is taken from the blog as it explains almost everything on the iCloud service.

Don’t think of iCloud as the new MobileMe; think of iCloud as the new iTunes.

iCloud would basically give access to users to sync data between devices. iPhones,iPads, and iPods would now have a central store to store data with access from almost everywhere.

Whereas the blogger went as above, I would like to add a little of my own version to this:

iCloud is the bigger version of iTunes

Whereas iTunes is the desktop app which syncs almost anything with the iOS devices being it movies, music, TV shows, e-books, apps and much more. All these things from now on would be done over-the-air (OTA) via the newly released service, iCloud.

One great thing to note, with the release of iCloud, users might just step away from USB tethering between iDevices and iTunes running on computers. This would be a brand new experience for all iOS device owners as they would be getting rid of the "Plug It Into Your Mac or PC….." thing.

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