iOS 5 Features: What Will Keep Users and Attract Others

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Much of what has been built into the success of the iPhone is that it redefines what is capable with a cell phone.  Traditionally, the mobile phone was just a port of what people had in their homes and was used communally.  This changed somewhat with the addition of text messaging, but it still had a standard line of communication that it allowed.  The iPhone, along with other smart phones, blew this out of the water by elevating different Internet based communication forms to the same level as the phone calls.  Social networking, instant messaging, email, Skype, and now FaceTime all bring in a new element to the device, and hook users into their grip.  Now the iOS 5 has been announced with features that are further going to cement users into the Apple grip, as well as attract several others over.

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iMessages is probably the largest addition among the top ten iOS 5 features, and this is mainly because it creates a useful and free way for iDevice users to communicate.  What it does is essentially creates an instant messaging system that works via an Internet connection between all iDevices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  What this does is creates an exclusive community where people will keep text messaging preferential between iDevice users because of its lack of cost and superior interface.

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Newsstand will act as a major change for iPad users and will help Apple win the war against e-reader devices like the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle.  Now that you can integrate magazine subscriptions into a design that matches that of a magazine you are going to have a direct source for this medium, especially now that the print publications are in jeopardy on their own.  This is the same principle around the most obvious of the Safari updates, the Safari Reader.  This allows all extra material in the web page, such as ads and search bars, disappear while reading a long article.  This is all intended to make the iPad, and the smaller iDevices as well, a more practical form for actually reading content at length.  Once this has been established in the minds of the consumer it will only further cement its use for periodicals, iBooks as a standard, and allow it to be the ‚Äö√Ñ√∫one stop shop‚Äö√Ñ√π for mobile device users.


The iOS 5 Reminders has the potential to be the kind of feature that ties in users very intimately, but there is no telling whether or not it will catch on with the public.  Though this is just a complex system of reminders, it uses the location feature to indicate for the user to perform certain tasks when in certain places.  This is very involved and if integrated into a person‚Äö√Ñ√¥s life could be indispensible, but only if they take the time to actually force that integration.


The one that really stands out above the rest is that of iCloud, a feature that has the potential for changing the very nature of what these iDevices are capable of.  iCloud acts as a mobile storage service that is instantly accessible, which could make the onboard storage system secondary.  What this does is, essentially, allow you to have a common space that is assigned to you that is accessible from all of your appropriate iDevices.  Once this is integrated into your use there is no going back.  It will remain Apple exclusive and will let a stream of new technologies running on a similar iOs framework to work with it, allowing this base storage unit to outlive one, or even many, devices.


The rest of the major iOS 5 features are great additions, but not going to pull any committed Android users.  The new Notifications Center, the enhancement for the Game Center, the easier to use Camera, and the PC Free independence are all going to please users who are already there, but they are not groundbreaking.  What will be curious to see is what iOS 5 features will be available for the iPhone 5 once it finally sees its autumn release date, but we are going to have to wait a couple more months to really know for sure.

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