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A few days back, I was at my doctor's clinic for a general checkup. As he knew my work was more related to iDevices, he voiced me a question. Dr. Gilbert wanted to make his document authentic by putting his initials, in order to make the purchase order "Duly Signed". Whereas I stood a lil confused, I promised to get back to him as soon as I tuned to my iDevice.

Making my search wide, I bumped into this fantastic App at the App Store which guarantees to save you time and paper. For all those looking forward to sign the document over your iPad, SignMyPad version 1.0 is the perfect application to authenticate documents in a flow.

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The basic concept of the app is to allow users to manage and record signatures over you iPad, making it the most useful app ever designed specially if you are a business user.

After installation, the first look of the app might not impress you much as it delivers a rather simple and easy to use outlook. SignMyPad is not filled with buttons which makes it different and on the course. The main idea was to let users sign documents on your iPad instead of adopting other ways such as print it, sign it and scan or fax it.

SignMyPad would save you time as you would be free from printing stuff to handing it over, as all of this is done within the touch of your iPad.

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How To Sign On SignMyPad:

Inside the app, you would firstly need to open a document which is required to be signed. Documents can be opened from almost any source with support to open PDF files. Once opened, you would be welcomed by a variety of options apart from just signing the documents on your iPad.

Users can add a date at the bottom of the document and also include a printed name as well as a few other things to complete the document.

Signing a document over SignMyPad is done pretty easily by just sribbling your signature on the iPads screen. The signature will now appear at the end of the document and now you can save the document and email it wherever you wanted.

Furthermore, editing documents include Test, Signature, Check Box, Radio Button, Date and much more whereas on the other hand you can also "SAVE" the document in various formats while keeping your master copy unchanged. After adding signature, date and other features you need to place it at the correct place while it also allows you resize.

The app comes attached with a fee and is not free, available at the iTunes App Store for $99.99.

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