iPhone 4 Untethered FAQS

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Apple has posted some FAQs on their website to answer some questions that users may have about the new, carrier unlocked iPhone 4.

Naturally, some people want to know exactly what it is, and what it's for. The questions and answers below, provided by Apple, go over most of what users would want or need to know.

Does the unlocked iPhone 4 work with any SIM card or carrier worldwide?

iPhone 4 works with micro-SIM cards from supported GSM carriers. Contact your carrier for a micro-SIM card.

What is a micro-SIM card?

A micro-SIM card is a small memory card used in the iPhone 4 and other cellular devices that stores your wireless account information. With an unlocked iPhone, you will need to obtain a micro-SIM card directly from your GSM carrier.

What is GSM?

GSM, which stands for Global System for Mobile Communications, is an industry standard for wireless communication that’s used by most carriers around the world, including AT&T in the United States. Other carriers use a different technology called CDMA.

Can I use an unlocked iPhone outside the United States?

Yes. The unlocked iPhone will work on supported GSM carrier networks around the world. Because the unlocked iPhone is sold without a contract commitment, you can establish service and use a micro-SIM card from a local carrier at your destination. Or check with your U.S. carrier regarding international roaming and associated charges.

How do I get started using iPhone to place and receive calls?

First, insert an active micro-SIM card from a supported carrier. Then connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes to complete the setup.

Do I need to commit to a long-term contract for my iPhone?

Buying an unlocked iPhone 4 allows you to choose your own GSM carrier, change carriers at any time, and even use multiple carriers if you travel frequently. Check with your carrier regarding the length of commitments or contracts.

Are iPhone 4 and iPad micro-SIM cards interchangeable?

No. An iPad micro-SIM card will not work with your iPhone.

Why does the price of the unlocked iPhone differ from the price of a contract-based iPhone?

Carriers typically subsidize the purchase price of the phone when purchased with a service contract. By purchasing your iPhone unlocked, you are not committing to a service contract up front, so you can use any micro-SIM card from a supported GSM carrier, including your current one.

If I order this unlocked iPhone 4 from the Apple Online Store, can it be shipped to another country?

No. Orders placed through the Apple Online Store can be shipped only within the country of purchase.


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