iPhone 5 Manufacturing: OmniVision, Avago Tech, and Qualcomm are Making Deals

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It looks like Apple may just be about ready to send the iPhone 5 through the factory line up.

 Apple has thrown consumers through a loop this year by obviously coming up short of their annual summer iPhone release.  As it got pushed back further and further people began to wonder if Apple even planned on an iPhone 5 release for their 2011 fiscal year, which comes to a close at the end of September.  This still may be the case as WWDC showed us the coming iOS 5 and nothing about the iPhone 5, but we do now know that Apple is just about ready for production.

 The new reports show that Apple has made a major deal with OmniVision for the image sensoring technology that we should expect in the iPhone 5.  This 8-megapixel sensor will be supplied mostly by OmniVision, with around 10% coming from  Sony.  This means that a full 90% of the CMOS image sensors will be coming from OmniVision, which is a major connection with the company.

 This comes after the recent revelation that Apple has gone over to Avago Technologies for the supply of amplifiers that are used in the WCDMA incarnations of the iPhone 5.  This may shut out the assumption that the GSM and CDMA worlds that divide AT&T and Verizon iPhone customers would become one with this release.  One three amplifiers will be producer by Avago Technologies, and an additional two will come from TriQuint Semiconductor.

 On top of this it looks like Qualcomm Inc. is ousting Intel as the source of the base band used in the coming iPhone model.  This has been true for CDMA iPhone‚Äö√Ñ√¥s, but not GSM items.  This could mean that Apple is going to continue with the two-model split, or that Intel has simply been removed and that the Avago Technology deal is actually for a GSM-CDMA hybrid.

 FBR Capital Markets Corp contender Craig Berger has stated that the iPhone 5 will be at 8 million users by this year‚Äö√Ñ√¥s third quarter, a project that still has the codename of N94.  This means major bucks for the companies that are able to win the contract, but there is still not telling how the manufacturing interruptions due to the unspeakable tragedies in Japan will affect this process.

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