iPod Touch Tips: Setting Automatic Video Syncing

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Putting Videos on Your iPod Touch

Syncing videos to your iPod Touch is a fairly normal part of the preparation process for the device. Most iTunes accounts and iPhones are already set to begin syncing regular audio files from the iTunes library without affecting settings. This is not always so for syncing videos to your iPod Touch, so you often have to go in and change the settings so that the sync goes smoothly. Here is a guide to, and some tips for, setting up an automatic syncing video sync for your iPod Touch.

Syncing Movies and TV Shows on Your iPod Touch

Plug in your iPod Touch and then go to find it in the side panel of iTunes under the Devices heading. Once you select it, you are going to see that there are a number of different content options that you can look at, including music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, photos and applications.

Depending on what types of videos you plan on syncing to your iPod Touch on a regular basis you are going to want to go to both movies and TV shows. Select moves and you will see that there is a box to check for syncing movies. Check it and then you will have the option to select just All Movies, or check a box so that you will only sync selected movies. Usually it is the best idea to only sync selected movies because they can be large in size and can fill up your iPod Touch if you have a lot in your iTunes account.

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Once you are done in movies you go over to TV shows and go through a similar process. You start by hitting the sync check circle then you have a task option to the right. Here you can select to do things like sync all unwatched episodes of what you have, a certain number of the most recent unwatched episodes of whatever shows you are going to select, or just the most recent.

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From here, you then choose to sync either All TV Shows, or just select ones. Then you will sync from that sub category the ones that fit the criteria that you set, such as all unwatched or certain numbers of most recent. This is modeled this way for people that download and watch television programs regularly on their computer.

If you only download select episodes you will want to select "all" from the options next to sync, meaning that you will sync all of the episodes of a certain TV show or all TV shows. Once you put these settings in for your iPod Touch they will be automatic every time you sync.

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