Is Imagination Providing the Graphics Behind the iPad 3 and Future iPhones?

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Imagination Technologies announced that six licensees will be using their upcoming PowerVR Series 6 GPU. Codenamed Rogue, the new GPU will power devices by ST-Ericsson, Texas Instruments and MediaTek. That leaves three partners unannounced. Websites are speculating that Apple may be one of them. This is because Imagination's graphics unit is built into the current chip powering the iPad 2, the A5. The A4 found in the iPhone 4 and iPad are based on the PowerVR SGX 535 GPU, which, according to reports, is also in the iPhone 3GS.

Looks like the rumors just don't stop. We're sure Apple doesn't mind that much. As we've said many times before, they are one of those companies that doesn't have to do anything, and the internet erupts with Apple news.

Website 9to5Mac also says that Apple holds a 9.5 percent stake in Imagination.

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