Is There an Apple Branded HD Television on the Way?

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Apple seems to bring market hegemony every time it enters into a new field.  The iPod came in and swept out any remnant of competing MP3 players.  The iPhone advanced on that innovation and is now dominating the smart phone market in a way that is only going to increase with the iPhone 5 and beyond.  The iPad was criticized at first, and now defines over 85% of the used tablet market.  Today Apple computers are the clear favorite in the media fields and among the youth, and you will see several Macbooks on average before you see someone lug out a PC notebook.  Yes, you can say that when Apple sets its mind to it they will end up changing the game completely.

This image described by Apple TV, apple television, apple hd tv, apple icloud, digital HD television, Apple-tv


It is with this in mind speculation has turned to an Apple television.


This is not going to just be an extension of Apple TV, but instead an actual television set created and branded by Apple.  Business Insider, who recently presented a few reasons why this would make sense, has fed the idea into the collective Apple rumor mill.  First they are pointing to iCloud, which could act as a cloud based multimedia storage unit for a television format easily.  Second, they look to the change in the App Store and how it is going to be used on the iOS across multiple devices, which could make this software technology accessible to those through a television.  Next they drew out the number of television-based patents that Apple has taken out recently. 

Lastly, they look to a more mysterious component investment that everyone is scratching their heads to figure out.  This $3.9 billion component investment was confirmed by CFO Peter Oppenheimer and COO Tim Cook and that the deal was made with three suppliers for a component over the next couple years.  Most people have made a general assumption that this would be a major advancement for their mobile technologies, possibly for the iPhone 6, but there is really no concrete reason to believe this.  It seems more likely that a component that is taking this much investment capital is significant enough to indicate a whole new technology altogether.

The timing for an actual Apple television is both great and somewhat speculative.  HD television are going much more interactive and drawing in a connection with streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora.  This does not necessarily mean that what Apple would bring is not needed, and actually it may just indicate that customers are ready for this kind of computerized television.  They already have an iOS platform to support the television, and have already troubleshot an internal storage and connectivity model through Apple TV.

What we would end up seeing from an Apple television is somewhat debatable, but you can expect that it would take the best elements from its desktop computers, mobile devices, and Apple TV.  The big change from these formats is that iCloud would likely be front and center here and that large scale hard drives would likely be out of the question.  This is likely to be a positive since they have not proven incredibly successful amongst the television buying public, and it may just be more important for users to plug into media service and fully mobile access points.  The televisions themselves would likely hit the higher of the available HD price ranges, and this would force Apple to alter their hardware model.  Traditionally their most popular devices, such as the iPhone and iPod Touch, are replaced very couple years.  This is not the pattern for most people an their televisions, so instead it may be important for them to create a very long standing device that would then have software upgrades and online purchases.  Apple‚Äö√Ñ√¥s has to keep milking their customers some how.

No matter what, don't expect this Apple HD television anytime before 2012.

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