Is This The Much-Hyped iOS 5? Maybe, Maybe Not

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For the past couple of days we have been hearing on Steve Job's appearance at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2011) to take place in San Francisco but even beyond the CEO's own appearance, we seem to be more hearing on the iOS 5.

Since the very first person reported on the release of the brand new operating system by Apple for the iDevice gadgets, certain blogs have been reporting on what the new OS would feature and look like. Just now, we spotted TechCrunch on a possible idea detailing on the iOS 5.

For the first time ever, Apple would showcase the iOS 5 during the WWDC keynote delivered by our very own, Mr. Steve Jobs. Whereas we know that no one would have possibly had a sneek peak at the Operating System, the tech blog was seen more like "SURE" of what they actually picture.

Moreover, we hear on Apple likely to give access to developers of the inital build, in order to start working and updating apps while taking advantage of the new features/functionality.

The blog even presented an outlook of the iOS 5 from the developers who are thought to be present on stage in the next few hours. Whereas not much was known from the world of iOS 5, we did get to know on a few things including, widgets, Twitter integration and totally redesigned notifications.

While on one hand the blog mentions on the new outlook, on the other hand it says it has no clue if it's actually real but sighting the idea to be right. Some critics eye this type of move as more like an Android copy but do we think Apple would copy Android-style?

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