Jailbreaking Will Only Get Better With iOS 5


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iOS keeps getting better and better. iOS 5 introduces a new notification system and vast improvements over previous versions of the software. With that, it's easy to wonder about the state of jailbreaking. As Apple adds all these features we want, will there be a need to jailbreak? That's up to the individual user, of course. Still, there is plenty available for jailbreak devices to do.

We can see it with some of the new Notification Center tweaks. Apple finally fixed the notification system of iOS, which is something users have wanted for quite some time now. Jailbreakers had found ways to do it, but Apple made it work pretty nicely based on what we've seen. Still, jailbreak developers have found ways to make it even more interesting by adding new widgets and other adjustments, such as a Widget by GreySyntax, which lets you see a bunch of your phone's stats such as wifi, uptime, free ram, etc.

This is still early in the game, the OS isn't even officially out yet, and we're seeing neat tweaks. We can only wonder what else will come. It seems that if a jailbreak developer wants the feature, they will make it happen.

We have a guide to jailbreak iOS 5 with RedSn0w. Of course you need to be registered as a developer to have iOS 5. It's still beta, so we'd suggest waiting. Still, it's neat to see all the cool stuff that's already coming.

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