JailbreakMe.com Gets a Strange Update

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Update:  Jailbreak for iPad 2 is available

Comex has updated JailbreakMe.com with an image. The image doesn’t say much, but it shows a ski slope, witha sign. Apprently, the sign is a black diamond, which websites say means “advanced.” Next to that, the word PDF.

Some may remember JailbreakMe.com as the website that used a PDF exploit to jailbreak an iDevice by simply navigating to the website. This did not require the user to plug into their computer via USB. Rumors suggest that this may actually be hinting at an upcoming iPad 2 jailbreak. Many have been waiting for the iPad 2 jailbreak since launch, but developers haven’t yet released anyhting.

Comex did tweet a bit acknowledging that it’s a teaser:

“Did anyone notice my little teaser? ;(“

You can catch the teaser here.

Right now, it’s impossible to confirm whether it’s an iPad 2 jailbreak, but that would definitely be an announcement deserving of a teaser.



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