MacBook Air Due for a Refresh? 4 Things We Expect

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MacBook Air getting an update?

We feel like the MacBook Air was released last week. Well, it’s time for an update, according to reports. Apple is holding off supplies as they prepare for the new model ,it seems. Let’s take a look at what is rumored, and expected, of the upcoming MacBook Air refresh.



1) Thunderbolt Port

This is soon going to be standard in all Macs if Apple has their way. The company first introduced the Thunderbolt port with the MacBook Pro refresh earlier this year. It’s a technology co-developed between them and Intel. It doubles as a MiniDisplay Port, outputting full HD video and offers very fast data transfer. In addition to being available in current-gen MacBook Pros it’s made it’s way to the new iMacs, along with the next item on the list…


2) Sandy Bridge Processor

Apple has been leaving behind their current chipsets and updating to the newer Core i5 and i7 chips. Again, both the MacBook Pro and the iMac, which were updated this year contain those processors. The iMac line uses the i5 and the MacBook Pro laptops are equipped with an i7, with the exception of the base model, which is loaded with an i5. According to reports, it’s likely that we will see it loaded with an i5, since Apple seems to consider the Air a consumer-grade laptop. As it is, the current model does just about anything you need it for very well. Again, we’re talking consumer-type use.


3) Intel Graphics

According to website Gizmodo, if the Air does in fact go with an i5 or i7, we can expect the (in their words) “crummier integrated graphics from Intel (rather) than the current Nvidia GForce stuff.” Which some may remember Ars explained back when the current-gen Airs were released. It seems Apple stuck with the Core 2 Duo for a reason, at least back then.


4) Updated Hard Drive Space

This is the obvious answer. One of our biggest complaints about the Air is that the introductory model is sparse on space. 64GB. According to some of the stuff we’ve read, users say that a clean install gives you about 46GB to work with. After formatting, the OS and anything the computer ships with, you’re looking at very little space. We always recommend opting for the 128GB model. It’s just a bit pricier, but it’s worth the upgrade. We don’t recommend the computer for those who want to store gigs worth of music and movies, but it’s great for office work or writing. Even then, 64GB is weak. Apple will no doubt want to update that for the next model.


MacBook Air – For You?

We picked up a MacBook Air a while back and wrote our hands-on impressions. We love the computer, but advised readers that it’s definitely designed for a certain kind of user. It’s for the user that doesn’t need their computer to do heavy lifting and doesn’t have a 50GB iTunes collection. Though it will be interesting to see what happens now with iCloud, which was officially announced today.

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