Moving Backwards With Grace: Spore Origins Review

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Doing It Right

Personal devices and smart phones are the perfect format the perfect format to resurrect the simulated pet phenomenon, mostly because these handhelds are with you at almost every moment of the day. Instead of sticking with the limitations of the Nano pet new games are integrating a more conventional gaming format with a type of species raising platform to create an entirely new gaming dynamic. Many of these games have had varying levels of success on PC and consoles, and now there is a comparable game available for you iPhone.  At least it will be a distraction from the social networking farms that seem to be dominating.

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Richard Dawkins Would Be Proud

Spore Origins is a new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is so peculiar and open to customization by the player that it stands out even over similar games. You start out with a primordial creature that you customize with characteristics. The creature acts somewhat as your pet, which you then send through aquatic levels where predators and obstacles are everywhere. You are provided with a way to have a random character created, but that really ignores the pivot point of fun. All the levels that you go through are comparative to evolutionary stages in Darwinian Theory. Your creature grows and changes just as species would in the natural world.


The game play utilizes the touch screen and motion sensors where you tilt the device, making your creature move along the screen to avoid other travelers. It is an incredibly basic format that resembles lesser games available from the App Store, but this time around it seems to work. This must be because it is matched with a beautiful graphics and color palette and the soundtrack tends to be more upbeat than dismal and annoying. There are thirty levels to the game, which brings it to another level in the way of depth, and it seems to match a new level of ingenuity to each stage.

The Price Tag

This game only costs $0.99, putting it far below many of the other pay games. Luckily, EA has also released a free "lite" version so you can check it out without risk. The honest truth is that Spore Origins was once $6.99 and has gone down in price now that it has been out a while, which makes it the perfect time to just spring for the full version.  Spore Origins is going to stand up as one of the first fully realized videogames for the iPhone that stands up as a freestanding piece of software, and more than just a casual distraction.

Download Spore Origins for the iPhone

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