5 Rumored Features of the BlackBerry PlayBook 2

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Pictured above is the original PlayBook

Rumors are coming around about RIM’s next iteration of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Website N4BB.com posted some rumored specs for the device. Like the Motorola Xoom, it seems that RIM is interested in competing for the long haul. That’s good to see. Other tech companies need to work to keep Apple on their toes. It may not happen this year, but as soon as tablet makers get there, it will be interesting to see if they force Apple to push innovation further.

So far, unfortunately, it’s been RIM trying to catch up with Apple and Moto. That doesn’t mean they can’t leap ahead with good hardware and software. Let’s take a look at some of the rumored specs for RIM’s next BlackBerry tablet.

1) 10-Inch Screen 

This choice can be subjective. We prefer the larger screen. Many, however, seem to enjoy the smaller form-factor of the PlayBook and devices like the Galaxy Tab. Their 7-inch screens don’t sound much smaller on paper, but it ends up roughly half the size of an iPad. Looks like RIM hopes to fix this by introducing a 10-inch tablet. If they keep the smaller tablet in the market as well, perhaps they can cater to two types of users, or even determine which is a more viable business option.


2) Two Color Options

According to the rumors, the upcoming PlayBook upgrade will have two color options, black and white. This is similar to the iPad 2, which comes in the same colors, signifying that RIM definitely wants to take their shot at grabbing some of the iPad’s tablet market.


3) Thinner Bezel

A thinner bezel is always welcome. No matter what device you use. A thinner bezel means more screen space for the surface. Of course you don’t want to cut out too much of the bezel, either. Otherwise, you have a full touch surface, which may make it harder to use the touchscreen correctly while you hold it. We’re sure RIM has thought that one out, and they will find a nice way to accommodate tablet users.


4) Native Calendar and email Apps

One of the things that really hurt the PlayBook in the consumer market was the lack of a native email application. It sounds crazy to anyone with a smartphone or tablet, but the PlayBook didn’t have its own email app. This of course led to speculation that RIM rushed the device to market. It’s hard to say, and perhaps they did what they had to. They needed to let everyone know that they were in the tablet race, and releasing something sooner rather than later was the way to do it.

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5) Wifi/4G

It’s already known that the current version has wifi and 3G connectivity. The current models will also be updated for 4G. These new tablets are rumored to have the 4G connectivity as well. Depending on when RIM releases these, that can be a deciding factor for some users. If Apple sticks to 3G with their iPad 3, it will be no contest to users who want speed.


What do you want to see from the next BlackBerry’s tablet?

It’s fun to speculate, but we don’t know for sure what will come from RIM’s next tablet. All of the updates make sense though, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they are all included. Some of it was missed from the start (like the email app) other stuff just has to be worked in.

What would you like to see, or what would push you towards a PlayBook 2 rather than an iPad 3?

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