Obscured By iClouds: Five Gigs For Free Ain’t Cutting It…

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So aside from iOS 5, the big BIG news from WWDC was the unveiling of iCloud (still in beta), and its vaunted advantages over similar services already being offered by Amazon and Google.  To wit: speedier uploads of your music, the option of upgrading to a higher-resolution audio format, and (at least in comparison to Amazon), much less expensive annual pricing for thousands of stored songs.  And for starters, they'll give you five gigs of cloud storage for free!

"Cool!" we thought, and proceeded to back up our iPhone — only to be hit with the following error message:

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Turns out that, in the three years we've owned an iPhone, it was never wiped clean — so every time we migrated to a newer, groovier iPhone, the backups from the previous handsets were automatically restored.  Long story short, our iPhone was four gigs over the limit for the free account.

Okay, guess we have to bite the bullet and pay the upgrade fee to get more "cloud coverage," right?  Since it is a beta service upgrades are not available:

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And while all this is going on, our buddy with the Android phone has already bumped his 3,400-song library up to Google Music (also beta).  Sure, the upload took all day and all night (even with a cable modem), and G-Music missed the occasional album cover art, but his music's already clouded and it didn't cost him a dime. 

Five gigs of iCloud may be okay for now if you're a casual user, but the power users are screwed right out of the gate.  Way to go, Uncle Steve…



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