Once Upon A ****ing Time: Profane Bedtime Book Gets Celebrity Readers

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This is not an April Fool's joke.  We swear.

You may have heard of "Go The F*ck To Sleep," a parodic but honest-to-God kid's bedtime book in which the profanity mirrors the narrator's growing frustration with a child who won't nod off.  It's raunchy, to be sure, but it's also sweet, clever, and real. The book also had an…interesting history: a pirated .PDF version got into the wild, becoming a viral sensation — which in turn, prompted so many people to pre-order the book, it shot to the top of Amazon's best-sellers chart.  (A weird but genuine case of digital piracy actually MAKING, instead of COSTING, someone money.)

So now that the book's officially out, word arrives that one or more audio book versions are in the offing.  First author up: Samuel L. Jackson, and who better to recite a book with multiple F-bombs than Mr. "Bad-Ass M***** F*****" himself.  And wonder of wonders, THAT may have leaked as well:

(Disclaimer: [a] there is no guarantee that this is the real Sam L., and not an impersonator, and [b] just in case you haven't figured it out by now, this is mind-blowingly Not Safe For Work…)

Now comes news that maverick film director Werner Herzog will also voice a version of the book, according to its author Adam Mansbach.  Look at it this way: twenty years ago, it might've been Andrew Dice Clay reading it.  (All together now: "F*** THAT!")

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