Patent Troll Asks For 2 Month Delay to Respond to Apple’s Motion (update)

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Lodsys, the patent holding company that publicized itself when it decided to send letters out to App developers they say were infringing on their patents has asked the courts to give them two more months to respond to Apple.

Some may rememebr when Lodsys threatened smaller app developers with legal action, scaring the crap out of them. Apple, who has been licensed the Lodsys patents, sent out a letter saying that under the terms of the license, their business partners are free to use said patents. They are willing to defend the developers in court as Apple sees them as business partners.

Lodsys went ahead and decided it would sue the seven developers anyway. Then Apple filed a motion to intervene with the lawsuit. Lodsys was then to respond to Apple by June 27th. They asked for a delay, and they claim that Apple has agreed. They say that this is not a stall tactic. We will see if this is granted by the judge.


Update: According to TUAW, Lodsys refiled the request. They want a one month extension. It's reported that the original two months was a mistake.


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