4 Pieces of Apple Hardware We’re Looking Forward to This Year

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Each year Apple announces and releases new hardware. Whether it’s new computers in their iMac and MacBook lines or a new iPhone and iPod touch, it’s always interesting to see the new product designs. They’re not all hits, but we’re less interested in buying the next iPod nano than we are in just seeing the (hopefully better) design of it. That said, here are some of the things we’re looking forward to seeing this year.

1) iPhone 5

We all want to see what Apple has up their sleeve. According to most reports, this will happen in September. Whether it will be released that same month, or simply announced isn’t yet clear. We’d expect an announcement early September with a release soon after (within the month) as is typical of Apple. It would be in line with the fall release of iOS 5.

This image described by iphone 5, iPod, Apple, MacBook Air, iPod Shuffle, iphone 4S, Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme, thunderbolt port, Thunderbolt

2) Thundebolt and i5-equipped MacBook Air

We’ve heard rumors of a new MacBook Air. Apple typically updates their products once a year, and the MacBook Air will be due for an update around October. The current 11-inch model is one of our favorite laptops ever. It’s slim, and isn’t plagued by the problems that made the original Air one of our least favorite computers of 2008. Now, if it’s equipped with a faster processor, HD FaceTime camera and that nifty Thunderbolt port, we’ll be set.

3) New AirPort and Time Capsule

Apple is also rumored to be updating their AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule. This was indicated by supply constraints and today reaffirmed by reports of references to 4th-gen Time Capsules and 5th-gen AirPort Extremes. The new Time Capsules, according to reports, would be able to cache software updates, making them faster.


4) New iPod Nano

The iPod nano has an interesting history. It’s changed several times. Some may remember the iPod mini, which wasn’t exactly a nano, but it was the first sign of things to come in the line of smaller iPods. Then the nano line was introduced, and those took on many forms. Apple doesn’t seem to have settled on an overall design yet, it changes very drastically each time. This latest change makes it look pretty much like an iPod shuffle with a touchscreen, just a tad larger. Sadly, it’s not our favorite design. We can only hope that they can improve upon the current one a bit.


What Hardware Are You Looking Forward to?

Maybe it’s Apple TV or the iPod touch, it seems like we can always expect some sort of new hardware from the folks at Cupertino. Some of their products get nice upgrades while others (iPod nano) almost seem to take a step back at times. Seems like they can afford it, and it may be why some of their devices jump around in terms of design. Remember the buttonless iPod shuffle? Yeah, that wasn’t our favorite, either.



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