Rumor: Apple Working on iOS Powered TV-like Displays?

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A report from DailyTech says that Apple is working to bring iOS-powered displays in the near future. According to the rumor, which they say comes from a former Apple executive, who spoke under the condition of anonymity.

DailyTech’s source claims that Apple plans to “blow Netflix and all those other guys away,” by creating a device that is basically an Apple TV packed into a cinema display, by the sounds of it. Their source claims that a launch could happen this fall, but could even go as late as next year.

As the site points out, this is not the first time such rumors emerge, but they do say that it’s the first time it comes from someone who used to hold a high position at the company.

Our take? It doesn’t seem like the time or the place for Apple to do this. They already have Apple TV, which doesn’t require a new TV set. It’s a $99 purchase, so why throw that away for something that will no doubt cost a lot more? Also, Apple has their line of Cinema Displays, but why worry about turning those into an Apple TV powered by iOS if they are already connected to a computer?

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