Shadowgun Kills It: iOS Gaming Has Seen a Major Leap Forward

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Though the iOS has become the dominant gaming platform in only a few years, it is still not taken seriously by industry insiders and hardcore videogamers.  The reason may be the lack of depth in iPhone games, the brief distraction they normally hold, and the preference toward social networking rather than fully gaming, but this does not take away from the technological capabilities and the growing number of customers.  Hopefully Mad Finger Games is preparing to blow this perception out of the water.

Shadowgun, which was recently shown off at this years E3 gaming conference, is a shooter that brings in all the texture and playabiilty that you would expect from a networked computer game.  In the same vein of games like Gears of War, it puts you strait into an industrial future with a gun as your identity.  The story is standard fare, putting your forward a few centuries and intent on destroying the cyborgs and mutations developed by a deviant scientist.  What is profound about this title is that it can be handled by the iOS, and will define the new standard for the platform.

The real debate now will be whether developers will favor this type of fully realized title, or if they will continue to fragment and create free or low cost titles instead.  iPhone, and iPad and iPod Touch, users have become used to paying very little for games and it may be hard to switch to a more conventional videogame infrastructure.  This response will dictate whether developers want to invest the time into these iDevices, but no matter what we now have proof that the iOS is a viable platform for high end gaming.


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