Sleight Of Hand: Magician Plus iPod App Equals Oohs And Aahs

We've seen apps in the past that have done some neat tricks, like creating optical illusions or three-dimensional holograms.  But that wasn't enough for magician Marco Tempest.  He actually wanted to incorporate an iPod Touch into his act — three of 'em, in fact.  And the results — as you can see in the video above — are astonishing.

Done with mirrors?  Nope.  Tempest actually developed a custom app called MultiVid to aid in the illusion.  It's described as "a multi-screen synchronization playback solution for iPhone and iPodTouch…designed for economic playback of video content in multi-screen synchronization applications for theatrical performances and for visual artists."  Basically, each iTouch is pre-loaded with a collection of video clips; triggering playback on one starts synchronized playback on all.  And Tempest isn't just giving away the secret of his magic trick — he's giving away the app as well!

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