Sync AND Swim: iOS5 Won’t Lock Your iDevice Screen Anymore

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For the longest time, iPhones certainly did not qualify as "multitasking fools."  Even when multitasking was finally introduced a year ago in iOS 4, there were limitations.  Case in point: up until now, when you synced your iDevice with iTunes, that's all you could do with it.  Hot deadline looming?  Too bad, we still gotta move several megabytes worth of music, video, and apps over.

Looks like that may be changing. is reporting that, beginning with iOS 5, the sync process will be shuttled to the background, and you can still use the full functionality of your iDevice while syncing.  (As you can see from the screen cap above, a little universal "sync" icon will appear in the status bar.)  Up until now, the only way to bypass the one-or-the-other behavior was to jailbreak and install a Cydia tweak called Synchronicity.  (Another instance of a jailbreak enhancement prompting the coders at Cupertino to face-palm themselves and exclaim "THAT's what we forgot to put in!")

Sure, it's a minor enhancement, but you'll wonder how you lived without it up until now.


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