That Synching Feeling: Apple Rushes iTunes 10.3 Patch

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Oops.  That didn't take long…

Yesterday, Apple released iTunes v10.3.  It added cloud-based sync between devices for anything you bought from the iTune store.  Yay, cloud!

Or maybe not.  Today, iTunes v10.3.1 debuted.  Seems that some folk were getting an "unknown error (-50)" message when trying to sync their iDevices.  Rebooting their handhelds and/or desktops didn't solve the problem.

The good new (aside from the fact that there is a bug fix) is that, if you haven't gotten the iTunes upgrade prompt yet, you only have to deal with one 75 megabyte download this week, not two.  If you want to get a jump on the whole bleedin' process, download the Mac update here, or the Windows 64-bit flavor here.

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