The Pop See the Retina Screen: Vatican Approves iPhone App

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You may have already guessed it, but the almighty definitely approves of the slick hand held grace of the iPod Touch.

Recently the Vatican has established that the iPod Touch is going to be a church sanctioned device at the Holy See.  More than even a religious or political institution, the Vatican is largely a tourist magnet that brings in millions of people every year.  The goal is now to use the iPod Touch, with an approved app, to help tour guides so that people can learn about the Vatican with less noise and travel clutter.  This Vatican iPod Touch and iPhone app will focus in on bringing the Vatican information and art to your handset, and may hopefully draw even more visitors to the site than they have ever had before.


The idea here is not to replace the Vatican experience, but instead to augment it so that travelers will have the ability to answer many of their own questions and learn more when traveling around the sites.  The app will be specifically designed around the things you would see on the Vatican tour, and you will get things like high resolution images of the art and items from the Vatican Library so they can have a deeper understanding of the history and theology of this long standing Catholic tradition.

This is just the most recent in a new trend toward Catholic approved iDevice apps, often trying to make some of the Catholic institutions more accessible to people through a mobile platform.  This comes after Confession: A Roman Catholic App that allows users to confess their sins when they are on the go through a text format. 

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