The Weather Out There: Tips for Using the iPhone Weather Application

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Checking In

Along with its constant connection to a feed of news and information comes the most pertinent information for some people’s daily lives: the weather. Apple chose when developing the iPhone’s operating system to include a built in weather application. This way you do not have to go through the process of finding another one, unless you have more than a passive interest in road conditions.

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Short and Sweet

Weather is a basic application that is based on a quick view of what is going on in your particular area. The display lists the location you have set at the top with the temperature currently from the local weather station, as well as the high and low temperatures for the day and the state of the skies. Then below you have a five day forecast for all days coming up, including highs, lows and weather conditions.

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What is unique about this application is that you can set up multiple pages for different cities and then flip through them as pages similar to those used on the operating system in your iPhone for application view.

Go to the lower right hand corner of the application and hit the information button. This is where you can add or delete cities and switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Go to the upper left hand corner of this display and hit the “+” button to add a location. You can then find the location by entering information like the name of the area or zip code. When going internationally it is best to put in both the English version of the name and the country. You can end up getting a large list of cities you want for quick reference, each taking up its own page. You then just shuffle through them when opening the application.

You can arrange a cities position amongst the pages by hitting the three-lined display on the right hand side of that countries listing in the information tab and then dragging it up or down according to where you want. This is not necessarily crucial, however, because the last page you were viewing will open up the next time you open up Weather. It is better to begin positing common cities that you have to check quite a bit together for easy shuffling.

iOS 5 and Weather

There is the promise of an update to Weather for the iOS 5, but it is not going to lock in as one of the major iOS 5 features.  First, you will be able to get the weather for your exact location utilizing the location function.  Beyond this there will be the use of a five day forecast and a series of notifications using the new Notification Center, which is also shared by Stocks.  In general this means that theere will be more customization coming up with the iOS 5 that will make it more useful and decrease the need for third party weather apps.

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