Things To Know About Upcoming HP TouchPad

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It was announced today that HP's TouchPad is ready for pre-order. There are a few basic things to know about it before picking it up. If the TouchPad is on your radar as a possible tablet computer, here's what you should know.


1) Available July 1st

The TouchPad will be available to consumers on July 1st. Currently, it can be pre-ordered on HP's official website as well as the usual retailers such as Best Buy, Newegg and Amazon. If you're not in the market for an iPad, this is definitely one of the tablets to look for.


2) Runs on webOS

webOS is an old favorite for mobile users. Most people who owned a Palm at one time can probably agree. It's a solid mobile experience, and is designed so that the tablet works well with the phone.


3) 9.7-inch display at 1024×768

As far as size, the tablet is comparable to the iPad. In fact, at a glance, we can see how it may be easy to mistake it for an iPad.


4) Pricing

Also comparable to the iPad is the TouchPad's pricing. It will cost you $499 for the 16GB model and $599 for the 32GB model. Both are wifi, of course.


Demo Videos:





Is the TouchPad Your Thing?

The HP TouchPad is one of the first major contenders for a great iPad-like tablet. We are anxious to get our hands on it, and we like some of the new features such as that ability to jump between the tablet and your Pre quickly and easily.

We will see how well it all works when the review comes around.

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