4 Things We Expect at WWDC: iCloud, Lion and iOS 5



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Apple is set to detail iOS 5, Lion and iCloud on Monday. We’re putting together thoughts and ideas for what we may expect on that day. Will it be exciting? Will it be disappointing? It’s hard to say, but Apple usually has something nice to show. The only problem this time is that we heard it’s all software based. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a little surprise here or there on the hardware side, but don’t expect the iPhone 5, either.

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1) iOS 5

Apple is set to unveil iOS 5 at WWDC this year. We don’t know what exactly to expect, but we can speculate. We hope that they add some of the updates we’ve been craving for a while, like an updated notification system and perhaps even some additions to the lock screen, which seems kind of plain by today’s standards. Of course we also expect a release date and iCloud support, possibly deeper integration into Mac OS X, which of course means Lion.


2) Lion

Lion should be dated and priced by Monday. We’re guessing later this month, but Apple could surprise us and Steve could drop a megaton and say, “It’s available…NOW!” After all, we’ve heard that Apple will be releasing it over the Mac App Store. We do imagine that a USB flash drive version will be available as well, but that may come later and we will probably hear a ship date.

3) iCloud

This is the announcement everyone is wondering about. Whether it has you excited or not, it’s a new service and therefore causes a lot of speculation and leaves many questions for users. That will change Monday. Sort of. We’re sure there will be a few questions, and we won’t know everything right away. We have heard that it won’t do streaming from the start. That will come later. Still, we imagine storage will be available, and it will start off free for users then the price will go up to $25 a year.

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4) New AirPort Gear

We’ve heard that Apple has been cutting supplies on the AirPort stuff. That is AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express and their wireless router/hard drive, Time Capsule. This may mean that it’s all due for an update. The rumors say that the new Time Capsule will cache updates, making the process faster for both Mac OS and iOS. Perhaps we will even see iOS 5 updates wirelessly thanks to Time Capsule. Then again, it’s all speculation.

Bonus – New MacBook Air?

We recently heard that Apple has also been cutting supplies of the MacBook Air. While that may not sound like much, history shows that Apple typically does this in preparation for a product refresh. Will they have the new Sandy Bridge processors and a Thunderbolt port? Will it even happen? Perhaps. Apple has to have a few surprises, and iOS 5, iCloud and Lion aren’t it.


Why No iPhone?

It’s not exactly clear why Apple isn’t going to announce the new iPhone at this conference. Still, that’s what the majority of websites have said, and we don’t expect it to happen. Then again, what if Apple is just really screwing with everyone and leaking information to throw us all off? Then they are announcing stuff ahead of time to hype the less exciting stuff and surprise us all at the show? Okay, that’s probably a stretch. Still, we’ll be waiting to see what happens. And, as always, we will be live blogging the event.


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