Tips for the iPod Touch Maps Application

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Checking the Map

One of the best built in applications in the iPod Touch is the Maps feature, which is comparable to many of the online map sources that cover the internet. The iPod Touch Maps application is similar to the one found on the iPhone except it does not have the 3G network to tap in to so you have a few limitations to consider along with the other aspects. Here are some tips for working with the iPod Touch Maps application.

Start With Wi-Fi

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to use the Wi-Fi connection to use the iPod Touch Maps feature. This means that you are relatively static in position to make it work. That reality means that you cannot use the iPod Touch Map feature to follow your way around in real time on the map. Instead you will have to use the iPod Touch Maps application as a reference point, but you will not be able to continually reference back to your position on the map as you go along your trip. Instead you should simply use the iPod Touch Maps feature to find out the exact route and create a map to look at, though you will still have to remain responsive to normal travel signs and reference points to stay on track.

Enter In Information Details

When you are searching for addresses you need to make sure that you are entering in enough details into the iPod Touch Maps application. This is especially true for things like city name and zip codes because the majority of street names in the country have been used many times over. If you want to find an accurate reading of your address then make sure that you give all the information that will separate it from the rest of the flock.

Map View

There are a few different types of map views that you can employ. The standard view is the Map view, but you also have the Satellite and Hybrid views. The Satellite, and by extension the Hybrid, require touching base with the satellite. This is both complicated to look at and needs an internet connection to remain responsive. If you are going to follow the directions in the iPod Touch Maps then you will need to use the regular Maps view.

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Make sure that if you want clear directions you use the location feature when you want to reference later on. Since you will not be able to update easily without internet connections you will want to get your directions using the location feature and then continue on. You may want to use a pin drop here so that you have an easily identified starting and return point.

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