Tips for Using iTunes on Your iPod Touch

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iTunes Control

Apple, in its attempt to monopolize media distribution, has included links to their iTunes store in more location that you could imagine. It goes without saying that the iTunes store comes built in as an iPod Touch application that you are not allowed to delete. If you do want to download audio and video from the Apple iTunes store it is usually best to buy it from your computer, download it to your iTunes account, and then sync it to your iPod Touch. If you do want to spontaneously download and install some media from the iTunes store you can do that easily right from your iPod Touch, though you have different functionalities and limitations that you do on your computer. Here are some tips for using the iTunes application on your iPod Touch.

Stable Wi-Fi Networks

The first thing that you have to be aware of is that there are first going to have to be connected to a proven and stable Wi-Fi account. If you are not up on a solid Wi-Fi connection you are either going to be prevented from completing your download or simply take so long that it will not be practical. The best way to do this is from a high speed Wi-Fi connection, like you may find in your home Wi-Fi or that found at a large college.

Not Everything Will Download

Though you can download much of the media you want through the Wi-Fi connection, not everything will be able to download to your iPod Touch this way. Larger videos, especially many feature length films, will have trouble downloading through a wireless internet connection. It is better to stick with smaller video files and individual songs.


If you are going to begin downloads from the iTunes application on your iPod Touch you are really going to need to maintain your position within the strong Wi-Fi connection until the downloads are complete. You can leave the area and continue the downloads later, but this may cause issues that will prevent the downloads from occurring within a reasonable time frame and in the direction you want on your iPod Touch. You may have to sign in again, find another proper wireless network, and begin the process anew. It is best to stick through your downloads until all are complete, which is why selecting single downloads is best. If you download songs, podcasts, or videos from iTunes remotely you should do so one at a time so that you make sure they have finished their downloads.


You may want to avoid downloading numerous podcasts from the iTunes application on your iPod Touch. Often times the subscription to the podcast, or others that you might find, can take time and become complicated. This just tends to be an easier process from a home computer, especially if you get new ones in a subscription on a consistent basis.  If you do have standard subscriptions from your home computer then automatic downloads can be sorted through, or just synced to your iPod Touch immediately during a hard plug in.

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