Touch Screen Passivity: Tap of War Review

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Good Touch

Some touch screen exploiting games on the iPhone end up working better than others. It seems that the key to this success is that it actually treats the touch screen as an interactive part that is not just the recreation of a conventional controller. They keep it simple, but still have a place where a moderate amount of skill is required. Tap of War takes that to heart and becomes a game that is perfect for short blasts of moderate fun. Moderate being the operative word in that statement.

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Tap Tap Tap

Tap of War is a free iPhone game that emulates tug of war with a “tap” variation. Instead of actually pulling on an imaginary touch rope you are given a button icon that you have to tap repeatedly. If you tap fast enough and with appropriate accuracy you can shift the rope more toward you.

The interface for this is nice and clean looking and simple. This does not prove to be an exceptional difficult task, but you do get higher points for going faster and winning quicker. I am not sure whom the scores on Tap of War would actually matter to, but if you are the kind of person who gains pride out of texting without looking at your screen and learning to use chopsticks then you will be bragging about this around the cubicles.


Pulling Ropes with Friends

The two player mode in Tap of War is actually one of its benefits, which is not something most free iPhone games can claim. The interface looks exactly the same, except the other side is actually responsive to a players control. You can just set the phone down on a table in between you and your opponent and you can both have at it. This may only be great in theory, but just make sure to not snap down too hard otherwise you're going to toss your iPhone onto the kitchen floor.


Better than Reading a Book

Do not expect a huge punch from Tap of War, but how many free iPhone games do you expect that from?  The basic version is enlisted right for the Game Center, which is a great opportunity to see additional social networking tools for it when the iOS 5 updates what the Game Center consists of. Go ahead and try it out and you might find that this is a better use of time than listening in Spanish class. 

It should be noted that there is a Tap of War Pro version for $0.99.  There are menial updates to the free iPhone game version such as new animations and graphic design, the Evil Hand interupting single player mode, and a high score ranking system.  These are all surface improvements to what is essentially a simple distraction of a game, and the new features for the Game Center may match many of the rankings that are the defining quality of this paid version.  Tap of War still remains a fairly old fashioned use of the touch screen, and you have to decide if you really want to invest money into it.

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