Walt Mossberg Talks Flash on Tablets With Adobe CEO


Walt Mossberg sat with Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and at one point they got into the discussion of Flash on the iPad. Mossberg asked him what he had to say about Steve Jobs' comments last year at D8. Jobs basically said that Flash was a thing of the past and they don't see it going anywhere, and Apple believes that HTML5 is where they need to place their bets.

Narayen went on about how this is a control issue from Apple. That Apple wants control over their walled garden and he said something about Flash on Android devices. Actually, it's hard to remember, because shortly after that, Mossberg just flat out told him, "I have yet to see a single one (Android device) where Flash tests really well." Narayen almost had to stop to gather his thoughts at that point, Mossberg said "I'm sorry, but it's true," adding that it may change in the future as if he realized he had totally made Adobe's CEO feel like crap in front of everyone at the conference. Still, it's true, Flash doesn't run well on current mobike devices. That's something Adobe has to address. 

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