What If: Time Capsule Update to be Loaded With iOS and A4 or A5 Processor?


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We keep hearing rumors that Apple is going to update Time Capsule. They are getting louder and louder, so it may be safe to say that the folks at Cupertino have a little something besides software to show. Well, brace yourselves, because here comes a new bit to the rumor.

According to Ars, the new Time Capsule may be loaded with a version of iOS similar to what’s found on the current-gen Apple TV. Also rumored is that the new device will have Apple’s processor. Whether it’s an A4 or A5 isn’t known yet, but it can’t be too far-fetched given that Apple has been trying to unify their experience with iOS (which is getting upgraded to iOS 5 soon, and we should hear details of that on Monday), even going so far as to add some components of iOS to Lion. We imagine that all will somehow be connected through iCloud.

Just a few more days and we will know for sure.

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