WWDC 2011 – 10 New Features In Mac OS X Lion

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WWDC 2011 – The event just went LIVE with Jobs making a short appearance on stage before handing over the mic to Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President Product Marketing, who is ready to give some Lion demos while giving a summarized go-through on each of the new feature.

Starting the note with a great phrase:

This product is all about the Mac, and the Mac is doing incredibly well.

Whereas Schiller joked on detailing on over 250 new features of the Mac OS X Lion, he gave us, the first look at some of the 10 very best.

1. Multi-Touch Gestures - All Lion notebooks would now feature built-in multi-touch trackpads. The trackpads would support multi-touch tap-to-zoom, pinching and two finger swiping, something which was never possible on a PC operating system.

2. Full Screen Applications – This feature is basically developed to target developers who may now have the ease to develop full-screen apps.The control feature can present you with full-screen or the other way. The Apple team has worked on a number of apps to deliver the best performance in the new full-screen mode.

3. Mission Control – With Mission Control feature, you would now be able to view all your apps and documents your'e working on. Get the screen to deliver multiple views, and straighten up your widgets on the upper left.

4. Mac App Store – The best place to purchase and discover new Mac desktop applications. Ease to download and install the software you are looking for at the comfort of your Sofa. With the release, the Mac App Store is now graded as the #1 place to buy PC Software. The App Store wouild feature in-app purchases, push notifications and boosted security. 

5. Launchpad – Make a pinch gesture and all your apps would appear with an outlook as multiple pages in a big grid.

6. Resume – Have you ever felt to start something from where you left? Well here is a great new feature to get that done. After exiting an application you don't need to start over again when you re-load it. When you launch an app in Lion it would bring you right back from where you left off.

7. Auto Save – This is one feature which no one might want to miss on. Forgot to save on something you're doing, and something goes wrong e.g. lights go out. How would you recover from the loss? Well the Lion is here…. It will automatically save the document for you without the need to have you do anything.

8. Air Drop – Basically a replacement for Sneakernet. Air Drop gives you the access of Peer-to-peer sharing. Open AirDrop and you would see other users running AirDrop. To share a file, all you need to do is drop a file onto the user and they would be prompted and Voila, files exchanged.

9. Mail – While most of you might think about it as "MAIL?" Well, Lion brings a brand new outlook of Mail. Column views, snippets and favorites bar to point to your hottest folders. Your own rules to deliver true search results while mail recognizes what you are searching for. Added support for conversation view, which shows all your message in line. 

10. Scroll – No need for scrollbars anymore When you have gestures, you actually dont need the scroll bars anymore.

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