WWDC 2011: iOS 5 Notification Center Explained

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The iOS 5 is one of the major release for the event. Apple termed it as "…incredible for both our developers and our customers." The new Operating System loads in a som 1500 new APIs with one of the greatest feature we would like to cover first, the "Notifications".

According to a few facts and figures recently published with Apple declaring of over 100 billion notifications basically the annoying pop-ups pushed so far. The tech giant seems to have fixed this problem by rolling an advanced Notification system.

I usually find it pretty annoying when a notification is popped up in the middle while playing the most addicitive game "Angry Birds". Apple now introduces the life saver by integrating the iOS 5 with "Notification Center" which aggregates all the notifications.

This feature is rather adopted from the Android platform which the company agrees. All you need to do is Swipe down to reveal the complete list of messages with Stocks and Weather at the top. So from now on, when I am playing Angry Birds or busy watching a podcast, an animation would play on the top indicating a Notifciation. It appears for not more than 10 seconds and then disappears if you don't swivel it down.

The Notifications disappears and appears on your lock screen for later viewing. Once you have gone through the notification such as an SMS, you can simply clear the notification by just tapping on the little X appearing on the right top.

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