WWDC 2011: 20 Little Known Apple Facts And Figures

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After Phil Schiller completed delivering a summarized version on the new features of Mac OS X Lion, Scott Forstall., Senior Vice President iOS Software, was called on stage to talk about the much-hyped, iOS 5. We all know that the iOS is the only operating system powering the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. Before Forstall went into details for the iOS 5, he wanted to give us a figure/data wise structure in explaining the importance, success and demand of gadgets powered by Apple's very own Operating System.

Facts and Figures:

1. To date, Apple has sold over 200 million iOS devices, making it the number one mobile operating system with over 44% market share. Android on #2 with 28%, RIM on third with 19% and Others at 9%, read the latest comScore research report.

2. More than 25 million iPads sold since the original launch 14 months back.

3. Over 15 billion songs sold through the iTunes Music Store. iTunes is now marked as the #1 retailer of music in the world.

4. iBookstore has recorded 130 million book downloads.

5. Over 90,000 apps specifically designed for the iPad Apps in the App Store

6. More than 14 Billion apps downloaded from the App Store

7. The Cupertino-based gadget giant has paid out more than $2.5 billion to developers.

8. More than 225 million accounts with credit card and one-click purchasing

9. More than 100 Billion notifications pushed so far.

10. Safari Web Browser is used by over 64% users compared to 27% Android users.

11. Only iPhone 4's camera has been able to record "Camera Popularity on Flickr" same as Nikon D90

12. In just 9 months, Apple Game Center has over 50 Million users compared to eight years of Xbox Live users with a database of 30 Million

13. Over 5,200 attendees sold out in less than two hours for the WWDC event

14. 54 Million Mac Users Worldwide.

15. Over 28% growth in Mac industry

16. Mac sales are almost 3/4 notebooks at this point, far outpacing desktop sales

17. The Mac App Store is now the #1 channel for buying PC software.

18. More than 100,000 game and entertainment titles in the App Store.

19. Over 18 Million Songs In The iTunes Music Store

20. Annual price for 20,000 songs over Apple = $24.99 compared to $200 at Amazon 

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