WWDC 2011: What Is Steve Jobs Planning To Unveil Apart From iCloud?

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Millions of users are seen flocking the web just to hear on early details on the upcoming World Wide Developer Conference 2011, which is just a few hours to go. For a start, we did get to know that Apple might shower us with iOS 5, iCloud, Lion and surely Apple's CEO Steve Jobs.

Jobs would take the stage at San Francisco's Moscone Center which would more be like a curtain raiser for the public as well as investors who eye this event to be the next source of growth for the world's most valuable brand.

The iDevice manufacturer would stage a come back after several months of medical leave and was last seen in March for the release of the next generation tablet, the iPad 2, would unveil a lot to surprise the world.

iCloud, a web-based service would go live with the service offerin consumers to stream music purchased on any Apple device, giving a clear competition to rivals Amazon and Google. iCloud is termed to be one of the most crucial step to be taken by the company in order to stay alive with the on-going competition specially the open source software offered by Google.

With the launch, Apple's iTunes would be more powerful and fruitful for both, the company and the developers, bringing a tough competition when compared to the number of users and iTunes on board.

Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu said:

It looks like Apple will likely offer some base service for free. Competitors, including RIM, Google, Amazon and Microsoft already have a hard time competing with iTunes as it is, but we believe will likely find it even tougher with iCloud enhancements.

All has been kept under the wraps will little to hint as we see thousands of banners displayed in San Francisco. The guessing game  has been alive for quite long as we the clock nears the start of the annual developer conference, a five day event for the developers.

Apart from iCloud, critics and analysts eye much from Jobs as he takes the stage. He owns the company and we know he can unveil anything. While the new iPhone was set aside with the release to go till September, some of them still are of the view that Jobs might launch or maybe give a glimpse of the gadget. This, we need to wait and see.

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