Accessory Spotter: Dual USB Car Charger is a Couple’s Friend on the Road

Bracketron Dual Car Charger
Many of us have a car charger for while we’re on the road. They are invaluable while driving down long stretches of highway, especially when you happen to hit those areas with no reception (lovely battery drainage). If you and your significant other both have a smartphone, you know all about charging. Now, what happens if you both need to charge? Take turns? That’s where this charger comes in.
The folks at Bracketron have released a dual charger. This means your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry phone can charge and you can do two at a time. Perhaps you’re on a business trip and you have both a work and a personal phone. Again, this comes in handy.
You can check it out at their website, It’s $25, about average for a charger, but the extra port is nice.
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