Accessory Spotter: Grip Ergo With Strap for iPhone 4


The iPhone 4 is prone to cracks. That’s because both sides are glass. Still, you can take comfort in knowing that it may actually be a able to survive a skydiving accident. Not that most of us will ever take our iPhone 4 skydiving. Still, we all drop our phones from time to time, and that’s why we need something to protect it when that does happen.

Perhaps even something that will help you keep it from falling in the first place. That’s where this Belkin case comes in handy. Not only does it add that extra grip to your iPhone 4, it has a strap, so even if it does happen to slip out of your hand, it won’t go very far. If it does fall? Thank goodness for the case.

Check it out here: Belkin

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