Accessory Spotter: ZooGue iPad 2 BinderPad Pouch


ZooGue iPad 2 Binder Pouch

Some of us carry our iPad around everywhere. It’s a nice device. Not only do we use it for entertainment, some of us use it to get work done, so it’s the perfect companion for the office or for school. Of course, you want to protect it, but why not just put it in your standard three-ring binder? That’s what this BinderPad Pouch does.

Here’s a short description from the website:

ZooGue has done it again, this new innovative BinderPad Case is like nothing out on the market. The BinderPad is the thinest most convenient iPad 2 pouch to turn any regular 3 ring binder into a BinderPad. Now with more and more schools requiring iPads instead of textbooks, we have taken it upon ourselves to create the first case just for students. Weighing in at only a mere 3.5 oz and a 1/2 an inch think with the iPad inside. This Polyester BinderPad Pouch is the perfect addition to any 3 ring binder.

Check it out at Zoogue

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