Analyst: Apple May Introduce an iPad 2 Plus

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FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger (via International Business Times) says that Apple may be planning to introduce an iPad 2 Plus. We're not making this up. We wish we were.

Berger's note to investors said, "there are some indications from the supply chain that Apple may look to introduce an 'iPad 2 Plus' device as they put out request for quotes from various component suppliers for this marginally different device."

This would be somewhere between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 in terms of how big of an upgrade it is. Supply chain contacts, says Berger, indicate that Apple may launch this new device in late 2011. If his notes are accurate, the new device will have a higher pixel density at 250-300 ppi, just under the iPhone 4's 326 ppi.

He also adds that "no production schedule has yet been confirmed with suppliers." 

We don't claim to have insider knowledge. Still, what good would an iPad 2 Plus do? There is no production schedule, as he says. Maybe they are just checking out components for the iPad 3?

It just seems strange that Apple would want to ship so many iPad 2s, including a reported order of up to 14 million for the third quarter, if they planned on releasing a minor upgrade. Especially when you take into consideration that the iPad line is already available at multiple price points. 

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