App Makers Dropping In-App Purchasing


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A long while back, we learned that app makers using in-app subscription and purchase options would have to switch to Apple’s subscription method. This would mean that App makers have to pay Apple a percentage of their revenue if users purchased content within their applications. Fair enough, we say, they are using Apple’s online storefront to release their app in the first place.

Most App makers didn’t like the idea, though. Now, we can see the result as Amazon has pulled their “Kindle Store” link from their Apps. The Wall Street Journal has also pulled their in-app purchases as has Kobo (via WSJ). This will keep them from having to give Apple a cut. Again, they are free to allow users to subscribe, based on what we’ve read, but the split only comes into play when the subscription is purchased through the App Store. For instance, you can subscribe to the New York Times and keep receiving the paper daily on your iPad. Apple would only want a cut if you actually used your iPad itself to make the order.

On a good note, it may keep Lodsys off their backs.

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