Apple Considering New Ways of Sharing iPhone and iPad Content

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Apple is always looking into new technologies, and has been constantly improving how we share files between devices. Case in point, iCloud. Rather than having to wire that sucker up and sync to your computer, then connect the second device and sync again, just to move over a file, iCloud lets stuff be synced across all devices easily.

However, Apple has filed a patent application (via Patently Apple) that shows a new method of sharing files. It's a metaphorical pouring of your files from one device to the other. If it works anything like what's shown in the patent application, you should literally be able to hold an iphone near or over an iPad and tilt the device as if pouring. This will drop the files in. It also mentions the iPad sucking up files from the iPad with an added vacuum cleaner sound effect (nice touch!).

As with all patent applications, we don't know if this will happen, but it's a neat idea. And while useful, it is a bit of a gimmicky way to share files.

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