Apple iPad 2 Ad – We’ll Always

Apple’s iPad 2 TV spots are very different. In the past, most Apple ads (iPad included) were almost always an Apple device against an all white background. There were exceptions, but for the most part, it was just hands using the device and the commercial showing off the various capabilities.

Now the commercials have taken on a new look. It feels a bit mor retro to us. These show a somewhat over-the-shoulder view or a person’s hand as they make use of the tablet in everyday-type situations: cooking, reading, watching the game. It gets the idea across, and it’s made for their target audience. For instance, a laptop or smartphone commercial shows more of a “tech side” of things, while the iPad 2 advertising campaign usually involves people sitting in a recliner as they enjoy a good book or FaceTime with their grandchildren.

How about a classic iPad TV spot? Here

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