Apple Prepping for Lion Launch Next Week? New MacBook Air to Follow?

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Apple is reportedly preparing retail employees for the OS X Lion launch. Though it won't be available in stores like previous iterations of OS X, it's likely that many users will have questions regarding the new OS. Some may also remember that Apple will be allowing users to download the upgrade at their retail locations by using their free wifi connection.

We're also hearing rumors that store management is being advised to perform RAM upgrades in certain floor models (via Apple Insider) as they prepare for Lion installations. This is to be done by July 10th, reports say. If true, Mac OS X Lion should be available sometime next week.

Then there are the stories about the new MacBook Air will follow shortly after. It's likely that they will have the Sandy Bridge processors and the Thunderbolt port that the other Macs have been receiving this year. Still, don't expect the MacBook Air to look very different. The rumors we've heard in the past say that the case design will remain the same other than the little Thunderbolt logo on the side.

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