Apple Testing New Ways to Charge Your iPhone?

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Apple may be experimenting with new ways to charge your iPhone.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported on the upcoming iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S, or whatever), and we learned that it would be smaller and thinner than the iPhone 4. Cool enough, we’ve heard that. We also learned that it was difficult to manufacture.

An addition to the report (via MacRumors) says that Apple is testing out new features next year:

“Investors expect a bigger boost to Apple’s phone business next year. People briefed on Apple’s plans said the company is planning a major iPhone revamp then, with one person saying the company has been experimenting with features such as a new way of charging the phone”

Also mentioned in the report is the heavily-rumored lesser-priced iPhone and the edge-to-edge screen. Chances are Apple is working with several ideas. Some we see, others we don’t.

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