Apple Will Fix PDF Security Hole

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If you’ve used Comex’s Jailbreakme jb, you saw how easy it was to install Cydia on your device via browser. It even let you jailbreak the iPad 2, which was until then difficult to do. It’s a PDF exploit that allows for this. Apple plans on patching that with their next firmware update. Believe it or not, the only motive isn’t to patch the jailbreak. The PDF exploit could mean serious problems for an iPad user.

We don’t know exactly how things work under the hood, but the basic idea is that someone could use this same PDF exploit to install a malicious file and do a number of bad things. The warning actually came to Apple from an agency in Germany. In fact, the exploit is serious enough for the iPhone Dev-Team to suggest installing PDF Patcher 2 via Cydia after you’ve jailbroken your device. This will eliminate that security hole.

[Via Associated Press]



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