AR Technology Makes for Interesting Advertising on Times Square

Here’s some AR technology (augmented reality) being used in Times Square for advertising (via Notcot).

We’ve heard of AR technology. It uses a cameras to create the illusion of something that isn’t actually there. For instance, the rock ’em sock ’em robots demo we saw a year ago, which was made with Qualcomm’s AR tech.

AR tech is also used for advertising. Imagine pointing your camera at a movie poster for the next Pixar film and seeing the characters within the poster through the screen of your smartphone. As smartphone use continues to grow (and it will) more and more people will be able to make use of AR and see cool new types of advertising. Of course, we don’t typically stop to look at an ad. We need to get the message within a second, or many of us probably don’t care. Are we in the minority here?

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