Artist’s iPad and iPhone Paintings Going to the Museum

iPad Painting

Art by David Hockney

The painting above was done on an iOS device. Artist David Hockney, who recently turned 74, has been using iOS devices to create his latest works. It’s always very cool to see barriers broken like this. When an older generation can use a tablet device such as the iPad, and not only use it for basic computer functions, but use it to create art as well.

Hockney’s art will be on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The paintings are not being printed out, either. His art is going to be displayed on iDevices. He has 100 iPhone paintings. Those will be displayed on 20 iPod touches. He has also created 100 iPad paintings, which will be on display across 20 iPads.

iPad and iPhone-based art is always cool to see. We’ve checked out quite a bit in the past, and it’s nice to see an artist get some recognition for their work.


[Via The Globe and Mail Metro (Ontario Edition)]

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